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Top Treatments For Melasma

As warmer weather approaches and you spend more time outside, you might notice that freckles, dark spots, or patches of melasma start to appear (or darken). This is very common, as sun exposure typically causes these pigmented areas to worsen. This can be very frustrating for sufferers who feel they have to constantly wear makeup to cover it up. Fortunately, we have effective treatment options for melasma. It takes time, but this type of sun damage can be reversed. Let’s discuss it.

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The Power Of Intense Pulsed Light Treatment For Sun Damage

Did you know the number one cause of premature aging is sun damage? The most hallmark characteristic is brown spots or melasma, but it also contributes to wrinkles and fine lines. What’s worse, it can be extremely difficult to reverse this damage at home with over the counter products. The most effective way to reduce dark spots is actually with intense pulsed light treatment. This type of procedure targets pigmentation in the skin, making it very effective against sun damage. With Dye VL, we can take years off your appearance in just a few sessions.

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Reduce The Appearance Of Stretch Marks With Combination Treatment

Stretch marks are incredibly common, with over 85% of women having them on some part(s) of their body. They are a normal reaction of the body to rapid growth, either during puberty, pregnancy, or even weight loss/gain. Despite how common they are, many women are extremely self conscious about them. It impacts what clothes they feel comfortable in and can be a source of dread during the warmer months. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to treat them with natural methods or even many over the counter creams. But, we do have something that does work! Using a combination of laser treatment and home-care treatment, most patients see a significant improvement in the appearance of their stretch marks.

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Laser Skin Rejuvenation With ClearLift

Have you ever heard of the “lunchtime lift”? This treatment is so quick and painless, you can schedule it on your lunchbreak! For anyone interested in laser skin rejuvenation instead of injections or harsh procedures that require downtime, ClearLift is the perfect choice. These gentle yet effective sessions work to tighten and tone your skin, fighting the signs of aging and restoring a more youthful appearance. Let’s learn more about it.

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Coming Soon – Achieve A Healthy Weight With The Help Of Medications

We know there’s a lot of messaging around the New Year about setting goals and becoming a “new you.” While it might sound cliche, there are benefits to this kind of yearly reflection. We encourage you to think about the past year (or years) and think about whether you’re prioritizing your health – both physical and mental. After all, you only get one body in this life! If you’re struggling to achieve and maintain a healthy weight on your own, there are now exciting medication options that have been truly life-changing for many people. The truth is, a lot of people need help beyond diet and exercise when it comes to long term weight loss. And now, we can offer our clients that help!

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Coming Soon – The Glo2Facial For Smooth, Hydrated Skin

At Reve, we are always looking for highly effective skincare treatments to add to our offerings. We are so excited to bring new services to you this year to help you look and feel your best! Later this month, we’ll be introducing an innovative treatment, the Glo2Facial. It features a several step system that cleans, exfoliates, and smooths skin. Let’s learn more about it.

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Improve Skin Elasticity With ClearLift

When it comes to aging, one of the largest contributors is the decline of skin elasticity. This is at the root of the fine lines and deep wrinkles as well as the appearance of sagging skin. The elasticity in your skin is primarily a result of robust collagen and elastin. As we age, collagen and elastin production slows, which means your skin has less “snap back” than it did when you were in your teens and twenties. Fortunately, there are ways to “trick” your body into ramping up the production of collagen and elastin. One such way is with the ClearLift laser skin resurfacing system.

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At Home Red and Infrared Light Therapy with

The experts at Alma have done it again – this time with a unique at-home device for an anti-aging treatment. From the same company that brought us ClearLift and Soprano ICE laser technology, the system is a red and infrared light therapy treatment that offers proven skin benefits – all done in the comfort of your own home. Let’s learn more about this treatment and why celebrities like Kate Hudson swear by it.

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Try A Chemical Peel For Uneven Skin Texture

Chemical peels are powerful skin treatments that tackle a wide range of issues. If you’ve never had one before, we can’t recommend it enough. They are excellent for both new med spa clients and veterans! Because of their versatility, they are easily combined with other treatments and make a great regular addition to your regular at-home skincare routine. We love them for common complaints like aging skin, poor skin texture, hyperpigmentation, and scarring.

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SkinPen Microneedling Improves Fine Lines

Do you ever wish you could wave a magic wand and erase the fine lines on your skin? Yeah, us too! While not exactly magic, the SkinPen does offer dramatic anti-aging results. With this fast microneedling treatment, we can rejuvenate your skin through the power of collagen induction therapy. Let’s take a look at how SkinPen works and why we think it’s pretty close to magical!

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