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SkinBetter Science For Every Skin Type

Your skin is as unique as you are, and your skincare regimen should be tailored to your needs. One of the major advantages of using a professional skincare brand like SkinBetter Science is that the formulators know this! Their product line takes into account the needs of every skin type, and even combinations. With SkinBetter Science, you’ll get a cohesive regimen that works to improve your skin health and enhance your natural beauty.

How Do I Know What My Skin Type Is?

We find that most people have a decent idea of their skin type, because they live with it every day! But there are a couple ways to “test” your skin to get a more clear answer:

  • The Day Test: This involves simply being aware of your skin from morning to evening. Does your face feel oily and shiny at the end of the day? All over or just in the T zone? Is is flaky or tight feeling? What about redness and inflammation?
  • The Wash Test: Simply wash your face with your cleanser and wait 30 minutes (do not put on any product). How does your face feel?

For people that notice a lot of shine, especially in the T zone – you’re looking at oily or combination skin. Minimal shine, flakiness, or redness is likely in the “normal” realm. Tight feeling skin and flakiness puts you on the drier side. Redness, itchiness, and inflammation are indicative of sensitive skin.

Armed with that knowledge, SkinBetter Science makes it easier to shop by skin type for products that work with your natural skin tendency.

Need A Bit More Help?

We’re here to help you get the best skin of your life, whether that’s with in-office treatments, at home skincare, or both (actually both will get you the best results!). If you’re struggling with specific issues like pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, or acne, sometimes you need more guidance on product selection. We would love to have you come in for a skin consultation, so we can discuss your concerns and get you set up with the right home regimen. Schedule your appointment today to get started!

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