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Hair Enhancement With TED Restoration Treatments

Hair loss affects over 80 million Americans, so if you’re struggling with thinning hair – you’re not alone. Unfortunately, this condition has been historically hard to treat. Topical products and supplements are often not enough to get good results. But now, with Alma’s TED Hair Restoration system, we can offer our patients hope with hair enhancement that really works! This non-invasive treatment utilizes the latest in hair regrowth science to stop thinning and kickstart those sleepy follicles.

What Causes Hair Loss?

A variety of factors contribute to hair loss like genetics, lifestyle (stress, illness), and hormonal health. When you notice your hair thinning, it can be scary since you may not know what is causing it or if it’s temporary (such as after an acute illness). As a result, hair loss can be an extremely stressful event on its own, causing insecurity and loss of confidence.

Hair Enhancement With TED

We know how distressing hair loss can be, which is why we are so excited to add TED treatments to our offerings here at Reve. This ultrasound-based treatment uses the power of sound waves along with air pressure to deliver a unique hair growth formula. Because of the delivery system, the formula is able to penetrate deeper into the scalp than if you simply applied a product topically like shampoo. This, combined with the stimulation of the hair follicles by ultrasound energy and air pressure, is what ultimately results in the regrowth of hair.

Maximum Benefits, No Downtime

TED treatments are non-invasive and comfortable – with no needles or anesthesia. Plus, you won’t experience any shedding post-treatment like other methods of hair restoration. You can return to your normal activities after your session with no downtime! Within a few weeks, you’ll notice less hair fall and some regrowth starting to happen. After successive treatments, results improve dramatically.

If you’d like to learn more about TED Hair Restoration and if you might be a good candidate, schedule a consultation with us.

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