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Are You Protecting Your Skin From Sun Damage?

For anyone who wants to preserve their youthful appearance as long as possible, it’s important to know that sun damage is the leading cause of premature aging skin! Did you know that? There are a lot of factors about how our skin ages that are out of our control, but sun exposure is not one of them. The best thing you can do for your skin is to protect it from too much sun. At Reve, we’ve got just the products you need to enjoy fun in the sun without damaging your skin.

What Is Sun Damage?

The UV light from the sun actually changes your skin at the cellular level, which means the consequences can take years to show up on the surface of the skin. Yes, even if you don’t experience sunburns! It typically shows up as dark spots and other hyperpigmentation as well as stubborn conditions like melasma. In addition, it often accelerates the loss of collagen/elastin in the skin which worsens fine lines and wrinkles. Many people refer to this type of aging as “photoaging” since it results from sunlight.

SPF Containing Products Protect Your Skin

As summer approaches, it’s even more important than ever to wear sunscreen daily. While it’s possible to get too much sun in colder months, the risk is higher of course when you’re wearing less clothing and spending more time outdoors. We’ve partnered with Skinbetter Science to offer premium, medical-grade skincare products that offer sun protection:

Wondering which product is right for you? We can help! Contact us today to learn more about our sunscreen offerings and get a recommendation.

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