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Combat Aging Skin With SkinPen Microneedling

When it comes to aging skin, Reve offers a variety of treatments to reverse unwanted issues like fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and hyperpigmentation. We love microneedling with SkinPen to stimulate your body’s natural age-fighting compounds – collagen and elastin. This is one of the best ways to fight the signs of aging as it improves nearly all aspects of the skin.

SkinPen Treatments Reverse The Signs Of Aging Skin

You’re probably familiar with microneedling, since it has been around for a long time! This is one of the most tried and true methods for reversing the signs of aging. SkinPen is an FDA-approved medical-grade device with precision control that creates micro-injuries in the skin. This sends a signal to the body to heal the area by producing collagen and elastin, the building blocks of skin. As you heal, and after successive treatments, you’ll notice new, more youthful-looking skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, and elasticity is improved. In addition, this treatment is highly effective for scarring and age spots.

Safe Treatment That Works With Your Body Naturally

For anyone who wants to avoid injections like fillers or Botox, this treatment is a great, more natural alternative. Because it works by jump-starting your body’s built-in skin-repairing system, it has an excellent safety profile. What’s more, the custom BioSheath and single-use, sterile needle cartridge ensures there is no cross-contamination.

What Are Treatments Like?

We aim to make SkinPen treatments as painless as possible. Numbing cream can be applied to sensitive areas, which typically makes it very comfortable. Depending on the size of the area being treated, your session may take 30 minutes to an hour. After treatment, you might experience mild swelling, redness, and peeling for 1-2 days as your skin begins to heal.

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