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Banish Unwanted Leg Hair With Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Tired of dealing with unwanted leg hair? Most traditional hair removal methods require near constant upkeep, not to mention the lifetime purchases of razors or waxing sessions. If you’re looking for smooth, hair free skin, laser hair removal treatments are the best option. At Reve, we utilize the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum Laser Hair Removal System – a top of the line system that provides incredible results.

Stop Wasting Time Shaving Or Waxing Leg Hair

While picking up razors here and there or scheduling waxing appointments might not seem like a huge financial investment, over the course of your lifetime it really adds up. In fact, it is estimated that the average woman will spend over $10,000 on hair removal during her life. Plus, that doesn’t even cover the time it takes to shave several times a week or go to a waxing session. Fortunately, there is a solution that is both time and cost effective!

Why Our Clients Are Choosing Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal with the Soprano Ice is fast and comfortable, thanks to the cooling applicator. This innovative technology uses small light pulses to zap the hair follicle – making it next to impossible for it to grow back. Because the hair grows at different rates, several sessions are necessary to ensure you get the best results. While laser hair removal isn’t considered a true permanent solution, it is incredibly long lasting. We can offer touch-ups for any breakthrough hairs quickly and easily over the years following treatment.

To learn more about Soprano Ice and the benefits of laser hair removal for unwanted leg hair, contact us to schedule a consultation. We are happy to discuss this treatment with you and address any concerns you might have. Overall, our clients rave about the results! The most common feedback we get is that they wish they had started sooner. Start your sessions today and be hair free by next summer.

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