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Healing Sun Damage in Suwanee, GA

We’ve all done it: spent too much time in the sunshine without proper protection from harmful UV rays. The warmer months of the year in Suwanee are such an enticing time to get outside and enjoy our beautiful city. Whether you’ve been out for a hike along Suwanee Creek or Sims Lake, or you’ve been enjoying a bike ride at George Pierce Park, unless you were diligent about wearing sunscreen, you’ve probably opened yourself up to potential sun damage. In small doses, sun damage in Suwanee can go unnoticed. But when unchecked over time, sun damage can be a leading contributor to premature visible signs of aging and long term skin damage. Luckily, the skin damage experts at Reve Med Spa in Suwanee are offering an advanced treatment that can help reverse the visible signs of aging and help to heal sun damage in Suwanee.

What Does Sun Damage in Suwanee Look Like?

Sun Damage can reveal itself in a variety of ways including common manifestations that most people have no issue with; such as freckles or a sun tan.

Over exposure for extended periods of time without proper protection (like a good SPF sunscreen, hat, and long sleeve shirt) can lead to less desirable versions of sun damage.


A sunburn is a considered a “thermal burn” which occurs on the outer layer of the skin after prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. A 1st degree sunburn is the mild form where the skin becomes red and may hurt when touched. 2nd degree sunburns can lead to blistering of the skin and deep tissue damage.


Melasma is a patch of skin discoloration/darkening that typically occurs on the cheeks, nose, forehead chin, or upper lip. Melasma can be uniform and symmetrical along both sides of the face. It tends to be strongly influenced by hormonal shifts, including pregnancy. It is really important for people diagnosed with melasma to practice safe sun protection, as additional UV exposure will cause the condition to worsen.

Age Spots

Age spots, AKA sun spots or solar lentinges, are flat brown spots that appear when the skin is consistently exposed to ultraviolet light. Age spots commonly form on areas of the body that are most frequently exposed to the sun, like the face, hands, neck, décolletage, arms and legs.

Pigmented Lesions

Some people are born with pigmented lesions, and others develop them over time from exposure to the sun, tanning beds, or through the natural process of changing hormones as they age. They are manifested as small “imperfections” in the surface of the skin and look like a “veiny” texture commonly seen in the cheeks, nose, or forehead.

Any combination of these ailments can contribute to your skin looking aged and weathered in a way that is less than desirable. Luckily our new technology can quickly and affordably treat sun damage issues.

The Solution for Sun Damage in Suwanee

Our new Dye VL system from Alma Lasers is the treatment of choice when the sun damage includes “reds”. Most sun damage has a background red hue & even surface blood vessels which literally disappear after 1-2 treatments with Dye VL. This handpiece is revolutionary in that it is “in-motion”. The Alma Dye VL laser can dramatically target red vascular imperfections and brown pigmented areas on the face and body. The intense pulsed light’s wavelength is concentrated so it is safe and more consistent, but also has a cooling tip to make it more relaxing.

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