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Stretch Mark &


Revision Treatments

Stretch Mark & Scar Revision in Suwanee, GA,

Scars and stretch marks can result from dramatic and life-altering experiences like child-birth but they no longer have to be a persistent reminder of the trauma your body has endured. Our scar and stretch mark revision treatments can eliminate these unwanted aesthetic issues.

Eliminate Scars and Stretch Marks

It’s important to us that all of our patients understand that stretch marks are normal and extremely common. 85% of adult women (and some men) have experienced stretch marks at some point in their life. “Stretch marks” are often formed during pregnancy or a growth phase in our life, meaning that they can even effect teenagers as their bodies develop at a rapid pace.

The reason that stretch marks appear is that the growth happens too quickly and the skin is quite literally stretched beyond the limits of unblemished elasticity, causing it to weaken. The result is the interruption of the collagen and elastin fibers creating stripes on the skin, AKA stretch marks. Over time, the redness can fade, leaving a pearly textural difference, like a shiny scar under the skin.

Unfortunately, stretch marks are very difficult to get rid of in a completely “natural” way. There are a handful of things you can do to minimize the appearance of stretch marks, but no single cream or treatment will remove the stretch marks completely.

Our solution to stretch marks utilizes a laser treatment and home-care approach to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Our patients are seeing about 80% improvement in the appearance of their stretch marks.

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